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Our Services

Same Day Service

JCS offers same-day delivery from Fredericton to Woodstock and St. Stephen. Call or book online by 12/Noon for delivery same-day.

Next Day Service

Ship your package or Skid for delivery next day. Call or book online by 4pm to reach almost every point in New Brunswick.

Final Mile Delivery

JCS offers 3PL services to serve as the final mile carrier. We are able to deliver parcels and skids to all areas in New Brunswick and beyond.

We have 3 strategically placed depot locations to help us service the New Brunswick area for the quickest deliveries.


JCS offers dedicated drives by van, car or straight truck. This is for getting your shipment to its destination as fast as possible.

Dedicated Drive

Due to the increase and decrease of fuel cost we adjust our rate monthly based on the National average of Fuel.

Fuel Surcharge

Products Delivered

Below is product that we deliver on a regular basis. You can rest assured knowing we handle almost anything that can be shipped, from Tires to Documents we have you covered!

Cleaning Supplies

Medical Supplies

Plumbing Supplies


Legal Documnets

Electrical Supplies

Temp Controlled


Office Supplies

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