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Truck driver smilling

As JCS Logistics continues to grow we are continually seeking new members to join us that are just as passionate about deliveries as we are. Our drivers get many of benefits including eye care, dental care, etc.. We have a great upbeat environment here at JCS and love to work with a smile. If you are seeking a great place to work look no further we may just have a great opportunity waiting for you.

Great Earnings Potential

Whether you are new to our team or a honored partner we give great benefits like Christmas bonuses, employee of the month bonuses and many more. We reward all of our hard and determined team members here at JCS. 

Flexible Schedule

Being flexible for our drivers is something we take to heart and want to be able to give them the free time they need. We have a great vacation system and a process that allows our drivers to choose their hours on the schedules we have, whether they like to work a lot with us or just part-time!

Well Maintained Equipment

We partner with a local shop to keep all of our equipment well maintained and up to date. Most of our equipment will be well inspected at least once a week for the safety of our drivers. Our team is our number 1 priority and they spend most of their day in their vehicle and it is our responsibility to keep that vehicle in good running condition for them.

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