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Final Mile Delivery

At JCS Logistics we specialize in final mile delivery for the New Brunswick area. We handle letter mail, Parcels, Skids and Full truck loads. We pick up and deliver your shipment to it's destination. We work with local businesses and National businesses to finish the "Final Mile" of the shipment to the customer who is receiving it. We offer delivery to businesses and residential, along with hand-bombing options or tailgate delivery. We have 3 Depots set up across NB to be able to service every area with the quickest delivery route possible.

Pick up 

Call or impute order in our online system for pick up to be dispatched to a JCS Driver. Driver can pick up by end of day. Pick up can be at a business or residential.

Drop off

Carrier can drop of trailer at one of our depots for live unload or customer can drop off parcel at any depot location.

Send to Proper Depot

Once a shipment has been delivered to one of our locations it is then re-routed to the correct depot that will handle the final mile delivery portion.

Loaded on Truck For Delivery

Once the shipment is in the final mile depot location it is then loaded on the proper truck to handle the final mile delivery. This can be a small van or straight truck, it will depend on heigh, weight and delivery requirements.

Delivered to Customer

Shipment is then delivered to customer at either their residential location or business location. Package or skid is signed and left with receiver. System updates shipper that their shipment has been delivered to their customer.

A currier delivering a package to a woman smiling

Quality Satisfaction

The last part of our delivery is the most important. That your shipment gets to your customer on time and in perfect condition.

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